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© 2019  Created with love by  Jacinta Simons.

Hi! I am Jacinta.

I would love to get to know you! But let’s start with myself first.. If you would ask my friends to describe me they would tell you that I am a very happy, warm and strong woman, who enjoys life! A lotttt. Some even say I am the sun. That is the biggest compliment they can give me. Because the sun lights up the world, shines bright, shares her warmth with people. And most important the sun rises every day, no matter what. That’s me!

But it wasn't always like that.. At one point in my life I had to decide to turn my world upside down. To leave everything behind to go find my soul and live the life of my dreams. It was not easy, but at the end it was worth it! And now I am back. Stronger and happier then ever. I only do the things that make me happy. I follow my dreams and on my way I inspire other women to do the same.

I like to think of myself as a creative and adventurous soul. Since a young age I’ve always been creative. I enjoyed drawing, colouring, and playing (secretly) with the expensive camera of my parents. I got my masters in Advertising and Graphic Design, but while studying, it became clear that photography is my true passion.

I went on to work for different well-known advertising agencies in Belgium, and although I got to come up with creative ideas, I wanted to do my own thing. So I started my own graphic design & photography company and then started focusing only on photography. Besides that I teached Photography & Graphic Design in a high school. Five years later I got depressed and had a burn out. Because I was'nt doing things from my heart anymore, I was only working and doing things other people expected from me. So I decided I needed a break to connect with myself, my heart & my soul again.

I took off on a solo backpacking trip through South America for almost a year, taking loads of pictures along the way and connecting with myself and my soul again. Traveling became my addiction. I love the freedom, connecting with people from other cultures, making new friends, exploring new places, getting out of my comfortzone and having the feeling that I am ALIVE. Besides traveling I also love everything that bubbles, cuban salsa, bachatta, yoga, kombucha, the sun, the beach, new adventures, Pinterest poems, and.. of course photography.

After my trip, I moved to Valencia and I fell in love with photography all over again.

This time, my mission is to empower women all over the world. Photo by photo! My photoshoots not only make you look good, but make you FEEL good! I make women feel powerful and strong on, of &. behind the camera, in life and in business. I focus on personal branding photoshoots for bold, creative & spiritual female entrepreneurs. Besides that I do lifestyle & fashion photography, yoga photoshoots and photography for retreats worldwide. I give workshops, and share my knowlegde of photography on social media and events. I also do confidence photoshoots for girls & women to support them in their dreams. I only work with natural lighting to get pure, authentic and creative pictures of the strong, happy women we all are inside.

I would love to connect with you and your business. I’m already looking forward to share my vibes with you and make you shine. Because as a client said:

Jacinta is MORE than a photographer - she makes you shine!

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Tel: +32 472 66 15 76