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Personal Branding Photoshoot Caroline IN BELGIUM

Caroline Van der Perre RAFF PLASTICS


This is Caroline her story. These are Caroline her vibes.Top businesswoman Caroline Van der Perre opted for a personal branding photo shoot with me.

Caroline and I met during a branding trip here in Valencia. Where I was capturing all special moments. During a photo moment the guide was arranging how and where we were going to take the photo. Other businesswomen also had their say. It was a little bit chaotic and everyone had their opinion.

Until I said: NO. We won't do it that way. We are going to do it this way, like I say it. I stood in my own power and had enough confidence to know that I was the only one who knew how this photo was best taken. When I said that, I immediately gave everyone instructions because of the tight timing we had.

CLICK, CLICK & done. And exactly that was the moment that Caroline (Trends Gazelle 2018 Belgium) thought:
"I need this photographer!". She knows what she is doing, she knows what she stands for and I want her to do a personal branding photoshoot for me. Without realizing it at that time, my power and self-confidence was appreciated. My inner power and confidence had confinced top fempreneur Caroline van der Perre to book a shoot with me.

And what a photo shoot..

The day of the photoshoot I left with Rosaly from Naturelle (make-up) from the East Side of Belgium and we drove to the West Side. It took us more then 3 hours with all the traffic jams, but we arrived we got a warm welcoming from Caroline.

Caroline showed us with a lot of proud & passion her company that she build with her family. It was super interesting too see all this and I loved it because the work she does with her company has a big impact on our world. All our used plastic goes to the company and there they make a substansion from it so it can be re-used to make other plastic products.

You could feel Caroline her passion for what she is doing and this gave me an extra drive to capture this passion in her eyes on the photos too. Caroline took place in the make-up chair and Rosaly worked her magic. With a natural look Caroline felt more confident and was ready for her photos to be taken.


In the beginning she felt a little uncomfortable. But photo by photo she felt more confident and was even enjoying it. We took shots at different locations in her company and the result is amazing. We laughed, we had fun and we got the shots we wanted. I really love the last shot because this was the look on Caroline her face when I told her the shoot was over and she did an amazing job!

I’m so proud of you Caroline that you choose to give this gift to yourself and your company. To get more visible, online & offline. That you choose to shine, even if it made you feel uncomfortable for a little while. You did it and you will inspire more women to do the same.


Thanks Caroline for sharing your story with me. Your vibes, your energy & your passion.
It was a pleasure to work with you and it was the most energetic shoot I did till now.

3 amazing power women putting their energy together. PURE MAGIC.

““Thanks for the amazing and beautiful photos. You made me shine” :) 
Words by Caroline van der Perre.