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want to feel MORE confident & powerful
on camera?
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I remember when I was to shy to embrace my inner badass. To really show up as the woman I am, with all my contrasts & crazy sides. To really let all the voices in my head go and be in the moment so I could radiate my energy on camera and in my online brand. So that people who belong to my tribe could really connect with the authentic me, to my soul and my vision. 
I was afraid of what people would think of me.. Maybe even would laugh with me..
"Look at her.." "Just act normal, than you are already crazy enough."
Maybe they would even find me arrogant if I would really own my power. 
But then I decided to let all that shit go! People will always have an opinion, no matter what you do..
-        If I dance on the tables or sit on the couch.
-        If I drink a smoothie or a bottle of champagne
-        If I speak on stage or lay in bed till noon.
And since everyone will have an opinion. WHY the hell not show up as the badass as I am, every day! 
To go after all of my wildest dreams and make the impact I want to make.

Since I stopped giving a f*ck about what other people think of me, live my life like a badass and show up as the woman I want to be every day my whole life changed! 
I feel confident to show up for myself, my ideas, my vision and my business. It brought me more opportunities that fit with me. It made some of my wildest dreams come true. Read: photographing in Dubai, Lisbon, actually all over the world. Working with international clients that give me energy and so much more..

And I'm not even began.. So I also want this for you! Because you are worht it! And you can do it without losing yourself, your authenticity or looking arrogant. ;-)

“you only live once..
You might as well be a badass.”


  • You admire women who dare to show up just as they are with all their flaws, actually love it, but are too afraid to do it yourself. 

  • You have big dreams, you want to make a lot of impact and even grow international, but you don't know where to start.

  • You would really LOVE to have badass brand photos that stand out and attract your soul clients like a powerful magnet, but you have this little voice in your head:
    "What will people think of me?"


  • You are a woman of contrasts. Multi-layered. But you weren’t able yet to catch all of you in your brand.


Want to feel more confident on camera immediatly?

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  • How to show up as the badass female leader you are everyday
    and feel confident & proud to do so.

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