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If you would ask my friends and family to describe me, they would tell you that I am a very happy, warm and strong woman, who enjoys life. A lottt. Some even say that I am the sun. That is the biggest compliment they can give me. Because the sun lights up the world, shines brightly, shares her warmth with people. And most importantly, the sun rises every day, no matter what.


That’s me!

But it wasn’t always like that.. I was a small village girl, living in a small village world. I had big dreams, but no one ever took them seriously. Except me..


“In MARCH 2017 something happened that turned my life upside down…”

...and through which I found out 2 years later what my mission is!

I discovered that my mission is:

To help female entrepreneurs to create a personal brand and brand photos they are proud of and attracts their soul clients like a magnet.


An online brand and brand photos that give them the confidence

to go after all of their wildest dreams.


A personal brand that helps them grow international and makes a long lasting impact on the world.


A brand that makes a difference, that moves people

and gives them tons of energy!

The decission that changed my life..

In March 2017 I went to Valencia for a few months to study Spanish. I just got married the summer before with my best friend and at that moment the love of my life. Who I was together with for 14 years. We wanted to start a family, but there was this one thing I wanted to do for myself before I would start with my real life..


And that was going to Valencia to study Spanish. This was in my head (or heart?) since the moment I went on a city trip a few years before that and Valencia kept calling my name. Since the moment I stept out of the airplane in Valencia the first time, a feeling of belonging felt over me. A feeling that I’ve never felt before, nowhere in the world.


So I went to Valencia. And since then everything changed!


I grew up in a small village in Belgium where everyone does the same. I was always the one with the ‘crazy’ ideas and dreams. I grew up with ideas like "Just act normal, then you are already crazy enough.” Or "Don’t do that, what will other people think of that."


And then I was in Valencia. Alone. Which was very scary in the beginning. But then step by step I learned to be by myself. Meeting all these amazing people who had traveled. With different stories, different ideas. Everyone was doing something else. When I was telling my ideas and dreams they didn’t think I was crazy. And this was so refreshing!


This experience in Valencia ignited a fire inside me and it made me decide to turn my world upside down. Read: end my 14 years long relationship, my house, my job, my company, my friends, my village. The life I knew..


To leave everything behind to go find my soul and live the life of my dreams. 

It was time to jump into the deep. Scared. Shaking.

Without knowing what would come next. But I did it anyway. Because..

“you only live once..
You might as well be a badass.”



I like to think of myself as a creative and adventurous soul. From a young age I’ve always been creative. I enjoyed drawing, colouring, and playing (secretly) with my parent’s expensive camera. I got my masters in Advertising and Graphic Design, but while studying, it became clear that photography is my true passion.


I went on to work as an art director for different well-known advertising agencies in Belgium, and despite I got to come up with creative ideas, I wanted to do my own thing. So I started my own graphic design and photography company in Belgium. Beside that, I was teaching Photography and Graphic Design in a high school. Five years later I got depressed and had a burn out. 

Because I was not doing things from my heart anymore. I had a ‘successful’ business, but the clients I was working with didn’t give me energy. I was only working and doing things other people expected from me to do. 


That’s when the Valencia experience came in. And after that I decided I needed a break to re-connect with myself, my heart and my soul again.


I took off on a solo backpacking trip through South America for almost a year. Never ever had I traveled before on my own. I had panic attacks on the airplane, but I made the badass decision to do it, and I did! 


Taking loads of pictures along the way and connecting with myself and my soul again. Traveling became my addiction. I love the freedom, connecting with people from other cultures, making new friends, exploring new places, getting out of my comfort zone and having the feeling that I am ALIVE. 


Beside traveling I also love everything that bubbles, cuban salsa, bachata, yoga, kombucha, the sun, the beach, new adventures, Pinterest poems, and.. of course photography and design.


After my trip I finally moved to my beloved city Valencia & 

fell in love with photography & design all over again. 

My mission

This time, my mission is to empower soulpreneurs all over the world. Photo by photo! Brand by brand. So they show up as the leaders they are, every day. To live the life of their wildest dreams and wake up every morning with a smile on their face.



I’m not special. I was always hiding myself behind my business. Just wanted to do my creative work and not show too much of myself, especially not my flaws. Everything had to be perfect. I had to look and act in a certain way to be taken seriously as a professional photographer. But along the way I realized this was bullshit.


I realized the only way to make an IMPACT in this world, was to build a powerful and beautiful (aka badass) brand around myself. A brand that challenges me to be the badass female leader I am and that connects with my soul clients on a deeper level.




I am working with international clients all over the world. Clients that give me tons of energy. I travel the world and wake up with a smile every morning. I feel truly happy and blessed. I have an online brand that is aligned with me,

my soul and my dreams. A brand that makes me want to be

the best version of myself.


My personal brand makes me the female leader and badass woman I want to be! And I also want this for you!

Because if I can do it, so can you!


if you would really know me you would know that..

My guilty pleasure is:

Coca cola. 

My favorite country is:


I love:

Traveling, the sun, the sea, dancing and rosé wine. 

My favorite food is:


My favorite day of the week is:


I hate:

Fakeness & negativity. Getting up very early.

What does a perfect day look like for me?

Healthy breakfast. Yoga in the park. After that, going to the beach to a chiringuito. 

I loveee the beach and chiringuito's ;-) ! To relax, refresh myself in the clear blue sea,

drink a rosé wine in the sun. Then a shower, put on some make-up and a nice dress and getting ready for a lovely dinner with friends.

One of my best qualities is: 

I make people feel very comfortable to be themselves.

By always being myself in an authentic way I also give other people the permission to do so.

A random fun fact about me:

I can dive into the water backwards. 

One last thing:

I’m a strong woman, with a strong opinion, but on the other hand I’m also very sensitive, sweet and caring.

That’s it. Now it’s your turn!

I would really like to get to know you. Who are you? What are your wildest dreams? What is holding you back at the moment to go after them a 100%?


If you know what you want, but are keeping yourself small. If you want to use your own personality to build a strong and beautiful personal brand or rebrand yourself, but have no idea how to do this in a professional way. If you want to level up and ignite your fire again. If you want to go after your dreams and make a difference. If you want brand photos that attract your soul clients and help you sell your services.

Fill in the form below.

Tell me a little bit more about your brand and let’s have a look if we click and how I can help you to level up and stop playing small, to chase your wildest dreams, attract your soul clients and make a bigger impact!

Thanks for submitting!

“everyone has a story to tell, what's yours?”

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