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Personal Branding Photoshoot Jennison IN TUSCANY



This is Jennison her story. These are Jenny her vibes. I met Jennison for the first time during one of her unique yoga experiences: Yoga & Piano. We connected immediatly. I don’t know how, I don’t know why, but we did. Without words we felt a connection.


We started following each other in real life and online. I went to her unique events and yoga classes and got addicted to them, she fell in love with my photography. We both loved what the other person was doing. It felt so empowering to see her doing all these amazing things. It encouraged me. It inspired me, and the other way around. We both support each other in our passions, dreams and talents to the maximum.

She was the first woman I met here in Valencia that I look up too. A bold female entrepreneur who goes after her dreams. Who isn’t scared to try new things. Does everything she wants to do in her life and business. Who want’s to live without regrets. Who is honest, pure and most of all real!

How happy I was when she asked me to come with her to Tuscany to photograph her retreat and do a personal branding photoshoot for her. I was there to witness her when she made her dream come true in Tuscany. I even got images of it to prove it. The look on her face, the happiness, the freedom, the feeling of her dream coming true. I captured it all.
And damn that feels good!

Funny fact of this photoshoot is that Jennison literally came straight out of her bed when we did the shoot. No time for make-up, thinking too much. Just being there. It poored down rain on the day of our planned photoshoot in Tuscany and it continued to storm throughout the night. Never happens! But after an early wake up and teaching the final yoga class of the retreat, she stepped outside and we were welcomed by the Tuscan Sun.


We had about 45 minutes until I needed to head to the train station to catch my flight home, but I looked at Jennison and said: “We have time, if you want to make this happen.. Let's do it!”

Jennison hadn’t washed her hair in a couple of days, definitely didn’t have time to put on a mask of make-up or plan different outfit changes. But that didn’t matter. She threw on a dress, slipped off her shoes, ran through the damp soil and green hills of Tuscany and allowed her insecurities to fall to the earth as she watched her spirit soar.

She was literally standing at her favorite place on earth, experiencing the wonderful feeling of her dream come true and I was there to capture it. What a blessing! What a gift!

“Remember that you are more then skin and bones. You are one thousand of stories of before. One thousand stories of potential. One thousand stories you’ve yet to see and know and feel and breathe. There’s more to come. And it’s something beautiful and amazing.”  Quote by Victoria Erickson

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