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Jerusa from MeCuidote and her mom boss brand


If you are looking for a professional photographer that can bring your bigger vision to life,

I can 100% recommend you Jacinta.

 Jacinta helped me with everything. From planning the outfits, to planning the locations. She asked many questions to dive in deeper into my brand an my vision for it.

I did my full day brand photoshoot in Valencia on the most wonderful locations.

As you can see on the photos I had a lot of fun and really enjoyed that day.

 During the photoshoot Jacinta made me comfortabel and relax. This resulted in great photos. I can really recommend Jacinta for her professional guidens before, during and after the photoshoot.


It was a lovely experience and I would recommend Jacinta in a heartbeat.

Thank you for making me shine on camera and online!

And to help me set my brand on fire.”

Jerusa - Valencia - Online Entrepreneur at MeCuidoTe

“hey jaci,
i want this too!”

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