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THe fire up your brand PHOTOSHOOT EXPERIENCE

Let’s create a badass on-brand image bank, with brand photos that you are in love with and can’t wait to share with the world. Brand photos that radiate a 100% who you are and stop your soul clients from scrolling. Brand photos that will do the marketing for you and will make you grow harder, better, faster, stronger!

Naomi Vlietman - Lisbon - Business Strategist

“Jacinta is a very warm and kind woman to work with. She is very easy going and has a good view on how to bring out the best of your ideas. Jacinta guides you all the way. She pays attention to details, she listens and gives you the best advice, she understands you very quickly and captured the shots perfectly. I would recommend Jacinta to everybody who needs professional brand photos for socials, website or brand images. She is the badass photographer you are looking for.

Ellen D'Hondt - Antwerp - Founder Amante Antwerp

_UA_0440 (1)Jacivibes_Personal_Brand_Photographer_Valencia_web_LR.jpg


You are not a starter anymore, but your brand photos still look like you are one. You are a successful female entrepreneur and want to show more of yourself and your business online in a professional way, but also in a way that it is 100% you.


You finally want brand photos that you (and your soul clients) are in love with and you can’t wait to share with the world. Photos that you think: ‘OMG, is that me?’.

In a positive way of course. ;-)


Photos that will fire up your brand and will double your impact online.


My Fire Up Your Brand Photoshoot will give you an experience that you will never forget. I will give you the confidence to step into your next level and provide you with brand photos that will stop your soul clients from scrolling. Images that will help you sell your services and grow your business online and international.

THe fire up your brand

You already get a bit stressed by the thought of doing a brand photoshoot.

What am I going to wear? Where will we take the photos?

How do I need to pose? I have no idea how to do that.


No worries! I’m here to help you on every step on the way. We prepare and plan everything from outfits, to locations to props. We are in this together and I will make you feel so confident that you will rock it like Beyoncé on the day of your photoshoot, and long after!


what are the results of this amazing brand photoshoot experience?

  • High end brand photos that will do the marketing for you, so you have more time to focus on the things you really love doing.  

  • Brand photos that are a 100% you and 100% on brand, so you build trust and connect on a deeper level with your soul clients.

  • Professional brand photos in high level quality. Photos that you are proud of and can’t wait to share with the world.

  • More confidence in front of the camera and in yourself, your business and your wildest dreams!

  • Your clients get to know you better and will become your biggest fans, and ambassadors of your business.

  • You will stand out online and your brand photos will stop your soul clients from scrolling.

THis is how iT WORKS


I will send you a brand questionnaire that you can fill in. Then we have a brainstorm call about your brand photoshoot. And after that we have another Zoom call to plan your brand photoshoot day. From locations, to props to outfits. I will be there with you during the whole process to ensure you this brand photoshoot is a game changer for your business and a 1000% worth your time & investment. I want you to feel as confident as Beyoncé on your brand photoshoot.


Your photoshoot day is a celebration of you stepping fully into your inner power. It’s celebrating the woman you are today and the woman you are becoming! The photoshoot day is easy going and will allow you to play and have fun. While I will guide you in unlocking the badass version of yourself, so you feel confident and 100% yourself on camera and will shine like never before during your shoot and long after!


Just 4 days after your brand photoshoot you will get a sneak peek & proof gallery to select your favorite photos! Then I will work my magic with my unique Jacivibes edits to create a beautiful and on brand image bank for you. After you reveived your photos and start sharing them online, you are officially part of the Badass Boss Babes community and there is no way back anymore to shine and rock it online.





"If you want to step up your game and have pictures that really reflect who you are and what your brand stands for,
then Jacinta is your woman!"


"I’ve done a full day brand photoshoot with Jacinta in Lisbon. Which was amazing!

We planned out each and every outfit, every location to make sure everything we did was exactly on brand. It felt like I was doing this huge professional photoshoot but then for myself and my brand. It was absolutely great! All this planning made me super excited for my full day brand photoshoot and then that day was finally there..


The photoshoot day itself was super cool, fun and exciting. Jacinta made everything as easy as possible, I didn’t have to worry about anything. She helped me a lot with posing and making sure we got the right shots, which gave me a lot of confidence.


After the shoot I got to choose my best pictures and honestly.. I LOVED ALL OF THEM.

If you want to step up your game and have pictures that really reflect who you are and what you brand stands for, then Jacinta is your woman!"


"The day of the shoot, I felt really at ease and for me it was a day of fun and pleasure. No stress at all"


"I booked a full-day photoshoot with Jacinta because I wanted to shine more online and build out my personal brand for my blog. Before the shoot, we had several brainstorm sessions during which she intensively helped me to prepare the shoot. She is a very positive and energetic person, but also a good listener who really tried to understand me and support me and my vision.

The day of the shoot, I felt really at ease and for me it was a day of fun and pleasure.
No stress at all. The fact that everything was prepared so well,
gave me the feeling that I could just relax and trust the process.

I am happy that I worked together with Jacinta. When I see the pictures, I feel good and sometimes I can hardly believe it's me (I look so good and confident haha! :-). I also loved that Jacinta is not solely a very good photographer, but also a creative thinker / challenger.


By talking to her, I learned a lot about myself and gained more clarity

about the direction I want my career/passion to evolve."

_DSC5635 (1)_edited_edited.jpg

"It was a lovely experience and I would do it again immediatly.
Thank you for making me shine on camera and online!"

JERUSA DA SILVA - CEO @mecuidote

"If you are looking for a professional photographer that can bring your bigger vision to life,

I can 100% recommend you Jacinta.


Jacinta helped me with everything. From planning the outfits, to planning the locations. She asked many questions to dive in deeper into my brand an my vision for it. I did my full day brand photoshoot in Valencia on the most wonderful locations. As you can see on the photos I had a lot of fun and really enjoyed that day.


During the photoshoot Jacinta made me comfortabel and relax. This resulted in great photos.

I can really recommend Jacinta for her professional guidens before, during and after the photoshoot.


It was a lovely experience and I would recommend Jacinta in a heartbeat.

Thank you for making me shine on camera and online!

And to help me set my brand on fire.”


When I first started my business when I was 25, I was always hiding behind it. Just wanted to do my creative work & not show too much of who I was. I was playing small! In my business and my life.. What would people think of me? How would that make me look? People would think I like myself soo much. They will think I’m arrogant. 


Until I did my first brand photoshoot and realized what a difference this made for my business. The more I showed of myself on my website and on my Facebook Page at that time to more clients I was attracting that were a match with my energy.

I began to realize that the only way to make an IMPACT in this world, was to show who I was, the woman behind my business, and yes also my flaws.. During this journey I’ve learned so much about personal branding and how to make brand photos that attract your soul clients and stop them from scrolling. I’ve learned how to make photos that will do the marketing for you.

More than 100 women shined in front on my camera and are now rocking it online. I’ve empowered them with badass brand photos  that challenge them to be the best version of themselves, everyday. So they feel confident and badass to make all of their wildest dreams come true.



  • Why should I work with you JACI?
    Because working with me will make you feel super confident and proud of yourself, on camera and long after. No boring headshots with me, but a fun photoshoot day to celebrate you and your business! I share my vibes with you and make you shine. Together we create magic! I’m known for making everyone feel comfortable in front of my camera, so you can radiate your unique vibes and rock it like Beyoncé on your photoshoot day.
  • How many outfit changes are included?
    This depends on the photoshoot you book with me. But you will have at least have 4 different looks for the brand refresh shoot and up to 10 different looks for the fire up your brand photoshoot. So you will have lot of variation in the photos to keep it exciting to look at and share different photos online.
  • What if I don’t live in Spain? Do you come to me?
    Of course. I’m a travel girl for life. Actually most of my clients do not live in Spain. I’m an international brand photographer which means I work all over the world and come to you to shoot you. And another benefit of this is that I can also help you grow internationally because of my network and connections. I’ve worked in Dubai, Belgium, Netherlands, Portugal, Italy, Mexico and so on.
  • Do you choose my final photos for me?
    That is completely up to you. I can choose them for you, or you can choose them yourself. It’s your party. You decide. You will have hundreds of photos to choose from and my unique edits are always included.
  • Do you help with planning the locations and with choosing my outfits?
    Yes. Yes. Yes. That’s part of my job. I help you with looking for the perfect locations and outfits, so you don’t have to worry about anything and can shine during your photoshoot day. I also work with the best stylists if you need some more help with your looks.
  • Do I need to know my brand design & brand colors?
    Yes! And No. If you don’t know them I refer you to my BRAND ME Journey. Where I will help you with all this. For the brand photoshoot you need to know your colors and brand design so we can create on brand images that fire up your brand and attract your soul clients like a magnet.

“LEt's do it jaci,
shoot me!”

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