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Updated: Jul 4, 2021

Never thought that I was going to start blogging again. Till now! Stuck in Mexico.

Writing always works healing for me. And I feel inspired to write. Because as usual

I have a lot to say! Here we go.. It was my plan to go on an adventure for 3 months in Mexico. Working, traveling a bit. I had a lot of projects to work on. Photoshoots to edit, my online program ‘The High Vibe Brand’ in the make, preparing my webinar and so on! The real digital nomad life!

But as most things in life.. nothing ever goes according plan..

Didn’t work for almost a month and didn’t travel much either. I’m still stuck in the same place as where I first arrived. So.. What happened? COVID!

Not feeling myself..

Since the moment I arrived in Mexico I was not feeling as myself. Maybe even already when I left my beloved home Valencia. In the airplane to here I had some difficulties breathing and my throat was hurting. Also in Mexico City I was not feeling well. I had the feeling as if I couldn’t breath and was super tired. I blamed it on the altitude. I had altitude sickness before so I knew what it was..

I traveled further to Puerto Escondido, a little paradise at the beach, and had planned a week full of work. I stayed at a Co Working and Living. But I was so tired I couldn’t do anything for almost a week. After that I felt a bit better again and finally started to work a bit and do fun things. I also attended a sports class, because I love sports, but after this class I felt more tired then I would normally do. Nothing to worry about. It was probably just the heat!

Tired AF

So the next class, 2 days later, I went even though I was tired. I thought I just have to get over this and after I feel better. And I did! Till the next day. OMG! I was tired to the extreme. Still blaming the sporting. Days went on. And when my friends went out I went to bed. I was so tired. Also I didn’t have the energy to meet new people or do fun things. Not even to explore. I was constantly hanging around at the same spot. Didn’t want to leave. Thinking that maybe traveling was not my thing anymore and I’ve had it.

I’ve seen everything, I’ve done everything. That kind of feeling.

I don't feel like dancing..

At the end of the week I went for a massage. And the lady almost couldn’t touch me. My body was hurting so much. Every muscle of my body was hurting. She said you need to rest! Your body need to rest. Of course I didn’t listen and went to a salsa party in the evening. But I didn’t feel like dancing. OK now it was starting to get really weird. If I even don’t enjoy dancing anymore.. What is going on with me??

Later that evening I was getting a throat pain and was again super tired. So I went home early and went to bed. The next day I felt sicker then ever before. Still not thinking it could be corona.. I was not couching, didn’t have a cold. I was just very tired and not feeling myself. That week I was super sick. Couldn’t get out of bed. Went to the doctor on Tuesday. He let me smell something and I could smell it were flowers. So he didn’t think I had Corona. And I didn’t think so either. These symptoms were not corona symptoms. He gave me some pills and I should start to feel better. One day I felt ok, the other day I felt like I was dying. It really went in waves.

Brazil will save the day!

I booked a flight to Brazil. Because I wasn’t feeling it with Mexico. I was in paradise but I wasn’t enjoying it.. Looking at it afterwards it had nothing to do with this paradise, but it had everything to do with me. I didn’t see it then, but I see it now. It was just because I was sick that I didn’t like it here.

Take me home..

By the end of the week of being so sick I did an Antigen test. This test was negative. So the next day I would fly to Mexico City to then fly home back to Spain. To only thing I could think of was: I WANT TO GO BACK HOME. I don’t want to be here. It was super scary to be in a country alone, being super sick and no close friends or family around you to help

To give you an idea of the symptoms I had: sour troat. Feeling of not being able to breath. Headaches. Super tired. Stomach pain. Not seeing well. Dizzy. Muscle pain. Body pain. And so on.. I really understand that older or weaker people die of this disease. It’s scary! And it fucks up not only your body, but also your mind.. And that mind. I think that mind is even more important than the body.

But anyway. I didn’t fly to Mexico City. Because I couldn’t. I was not able to fly. Instead I went to take the PCR test. I was thinking. If I have Covid. Then It is better to be stuck at the beach then in Mexico City.. So I would wait for the result, to then decide what I would do..


- To be continued! Read part 2 here..

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